From the Heart to the Heart

Most Iranian classical music is passed down orally: the master musician plays and the student imitates. Iranians call this kind of teaching “sineh beh sineh,” which may be roughly translated as “heart to heart.” I love this phrase because it acknowledges the vulnerability required on the part of both teachers and learners in any context. The idea of transmitting knowledge from the heart to the heart inspired the intimate and imitative dialogue between the instruments throughout this piece.


  • For piano quartet
  • Category: Chamber Ensemble
  • Year Composed: 2021
  • Duration: 7'
  • Commissioner: Steven R. Gerber Trust
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  • 19 JUN 2021
  • From the Heart to the Heart - Premiere
  • Fresh Inc Festival (Livestream)
  • Nelson Mendoza, violin; Samantha Peng, viola; Raphael Marnon, cello; Pei-yeh Tsai, piano