One Flesh

One Flesh depicts three mythological couples — Loki and Sigyn, the Norse trickster god and goddess; Layla and Majnun, the star-crossed lovers of Persian legend; and Bacchus and Ampelus, the ancient Roman embodiments of ecstatic revelry — represented by flute and viola, cello and piano, and two violins respectively. The duos are summoned with short musical invocations.

Each main movement is dedicated to a different pair of musicians in the ensemble Salastina, my friends and the commissioners of this work. Like the mythological couples, their deep musical relationships exemplify the potential for people to share such a profound connection that they become one in spirit. As George Eliot wrote:

What greater thing is there for two human souls then to feel that they are joined for life — to strengthen each other in all labor, to rest on each other in all sorrow, to minister to each other in silent, unspeakable memories at the moment of the last parting?


  • For flute, string quartet, & piano
  • Category: Chamber Ensemble
  • Year Composed: 2024
  • Duration: 20'
  • Commissioner: Salastina
  • Tags: Iranian Culture, Love, Mythology
  • Movements:
    • First Invocation
    • Grotesque: Loki & Sigyn
    • Second Invocation
    • Romance: Layla & Majnun
    • Third Invocation
    • Canon: Bacchus & Ampelus


  • 11 MAY 2024
  • One Flesh - Premiere
  • South Pasadena Public Library
  • Pasadena, CA
  • Salastina
  • 10 MAY 2024
  • One Flesh - Premiere
  • The Ebell of Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Salastina